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The Duckworth Project, Inc. is committed to serving our communities by particularly focusing on our youth and families.  Here is how you can help!

Volunteer Your Time

As a new non-profit organization, there are many tasks to accomplish and our workers are few.  In order for this organization to grow and impact our communities to the point that positive change is evident, we will need your help.  You may have a particular skill, ability or available resources that will help make our initiatives a success.  Please contact us to find out how you may volunteer.

Schedule Programming with The Duckworth Project!

We are here to serve our community.  We cannot serve those in need if they do not seek our support.  We are an organization that is funded by corporate and private contributors and their expectation is that we are making a major impact on the communities we serve.  We encourage you to take advantage of what we are blessed with from our generous partners.  Contact us immediately to schedule programming with your youth.

Make a Donation

All donations are appreciated.  There is no giving that is too small...or large, for that matter!  The bottom line is that we need financial support to be successful in the services we seek to provide.  If you are willing to sign on as a donor to The Duckworth Project, Inc., please contact Robert Duckworth directly to discuss how. 
As you may notice, we have several initiatives we plan to pursue over the coming years.  These goals, though seemingly lofty, are quite attainable with the help of generous financial support.  Contributions to The Duckworth Project, Inc. are tax deductible as we are a 501(c)(3) organization recognized by the IRS.

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